Sunday, February 5, 2012

Julep Maven Penny Box - It Girl

Left to right: Hand Cream w/ SPF 30, Hayden, Leah, Megan, Fast Dry Topcoat

We all know of the very popular Julep maven box by now but it wasn't until recently that I decided to jump on the band wagon along with fellow bloggers. I guess I didn't want to commit. But when Julep sent me an email with the "It Girl" penny offer, I was in there like swimwear! lol

I'm not going to go into how Julep works because I'm sure we already know. I took the quiz and got "It Girl." My package arrived in a small black box that was neatly packaged on the inside with scrunched up confetti strips and a ribbon holding the polishes. The polishes come very secured as each one was wrapped in bubble wrap.

What's included in "It Girl?"
  • 3 color polishes - Megan, Hayden, & Leah
  • 1 fast dry top coat
  • 1 sample size hand cream with SPF 30
Left to Right: Hand Cream w/ SPF 30, Hayden, Leah, Megan, Fast Dry Topcoat

I really like the packaging of these polishes. I think that's what attracted me in wanting to try them out, other than the color choices featured online. Julep polishes have the classic thin brush; not my favorite but get the job done. Each bottle holds .27 FL oz of polish.

Megan Nail Vernis (w/ flash & w/o flash)
Megan- mediterranean aquamarine shimmer. This color is on the metallic side, not my favorite. Here I applied 2 coats of Megan. You can see it doesn't photograph too well (left pic above).

Leah Nail Vernis (w/ flash)
Leah- grass green with a hint of shimmer. I do like the hue of this green but it goes on very sheer with the first coat. Here I applied 3 coats and would possibly want to do one more.

Hayden Nail Vernis (w/ flash)
Hayden- bold bright neon peach creme. This definitely applies as a creme. Here I applied 2 coats and was not fond of the color at first but now that I've been looking at the pics, it's starting to grown on me. Note: you may have to touch up the second coat in a few areas because they stayed a bit sheer on my nails.

Fast Dry Topcoat- I would say drying time is just the same as any another fast dry topcoat but I haven't been able to test out its lasting power. Now if you hate the smell of marijuana like me then I advise you to not pick this topcoat up! It reeks just like it.. or is it just me? Ha!

Overall Thoughts
I'm glad I only spent a penny on this maven box. It may be because I had such high expectations of these $14 polishes. Maybe it's just these certain polishes and that's why they were offered for so cheap?? Who knows.. what I do know is that I've already skipped next month's box and might just cancel my subscription.

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