Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review: Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips Box + Swatches

Karla Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips Box

Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips ($29 AUD = $23 USD/8ml) are matte cream lipsticks acclaimed to have 24-hour wear. The collection offers both nude and bright shades that are made with 100% color pigmentation. Once applied, they dry within 60 seconds and last throughout the day without any bleeding or smudging.

Available in (14) shades: 01 Golden Rose, 02 Natural Pink, 03 Passion Pink, 04 Neon Pink, 05 Flaming Red, 06 Vintage Burgundy, 07 Sienna Nude, 08 Orange Tangerine, 09 Watermelon Kiss, 10 Madgenta, 11 Psycho Violet, 12 Lilac Lover, 13 Mix, and 14 Chocolate Temptation.

Kiss Proof Lips (left to right) Passion Pink, Watermelon Kiss, Flaming Red, Lilac Lover

Klara Cosmetics is an Australian owned and designed company named after founder, Klara Sabotkoski. Klara is known as the "Eau de Parfum of Cosmetics." As a true beauty professional she delivers a line of high quality products that are formulated with pure pigments. What you see is what you get with Klara Cosmetics. With such intense saturation in color, there is no need to pack on product several times to reach its true color potential.

If there is one beauty product I can't ever have enough of it would be lip products! What are my preferred lippies you ask? Lip lacquers and matte lipsticks are my all time favorites, so naturally you can imagine my excitement when I received the Kiss Proof Lips Box from Klara Cosmetics.

Klara Cosmetics puts out a limited edition Kiss Proof Box offering 4 of their various shades at a discounted price ($89 AUD - $70 USD). The box sent me to me included 03 Passion Pink, 05 Flaming Red, 09 Watermelon Kiss, and 12 Lilac Lover.

Passion Pink (03) is a warm neutral pink that compliments every skin tone. It is my most used and loved color of the bunch.

Watermelon Kiss (09) is a warm deep coral pink. It comes off a bit red in photographs but is more pink toned in person.

Kiss Proof Lips (left to right) Passion Pink, Watermelon Kiss

Flaming Red (05) is a true blue toned bright red. It is a complimentary red that goes with several skin tones. It is also one of my favorites.

Lilac Lover (12) is a blue toned lilac pink. These pinks are my least favorite as they don't really suit my skin tone.

Kiss Proof Lips (left to right) Flaming Red, Lilac Lover

Wet Swatches (left to right): Passion Pink, Watermelon Kiss, Flaming Red, Lilac Lover
Dry Swatches (left to right): Passion Pink, Watermelon Kiss, Flaming Red, Lilac Lover

Kiss Proof Lips are odorless and offer a pure matte finish which means they essentially make your lips feel dry. I highly recommend applying a lip balm on your lips prior to adding this lipstick to keep them feeling a bit moisturized. After applying, allow 60 seconds for the product to dry and you're set for the day. The lipstick does not bleed, smudge or transfer. Hence the "Kiss Proof Lips" name, they are 100% boyfriend approved!

With that being said, they tested to last 7 hours of wear but not because the product came off but because that was the longest I had worn it. I do believe they will stay put longer than 7 hours seeing as how they were a bit difficult to remove. A rag and water will not remove these lipsticks, you will have to use a quality makeup remover wipe or oil to get the product off. I can't tell you if the 24-hour claim is true because I don't ever see myself having the need to wear a lipstick for that long. But what I will tell you is that these lippies are definitely worth giving them a try.

These pure matte lippies are housed in clear rectangular plastic tubes showing the actual product color and contain twist off black caps. The opening of the tubes contain a stopper that controls how much product is picked up by the applicator which is a plus in my book, this means no mess in the cap. The applicator itself is what I consider to be the best applicator available when it comes to highly pigmented lip creams. The flocked doe foot applicator is great for precision when using it on the edges of your lips and for an overall thin application. Remember, because of their intense pigment not much product is needed when applying. A little bit definitely goes a long way.

Wand Applicator

The Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips are quintessentially the purest matte cream lipsticks I've come across in all of my years as a blogger and makeup artist. The intensity in color that these lipsticks provide is amazing and the lasting power will impress you throughout the day even during eating and drinking. The only con I have is the dry feeling but that is the common complaint of most matte lippies. And the other downfall is having to pay the expensive shipping to have products shipped from Australia. It would be awesome if Klara Cosmetics was easily accessible here in the United States. I would recommend all beauty junkies and makeup artists especially try out Klara Cosmetics. Its pure pigment does not disappoint!

Lip Swatches  (Top Left): Pink Passion, (Top Right): Lilac Lover, (Bottom Left): Watermelon Kiss, (Bottom Right): Flaming Red

Availability: Klara Cosmetics
Price: $29 AUD ~ $23 USD

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration by the manufacturer. This does not affect any opinions featured in this post as they are my own honest experiences with the product.