Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NOTD: Revlon Metallic- Gold Coin

Natural Lighting
Revlon Metallic- Gold Coin
Source: Glamour April 2011 Issue

Today's "Nail of the Day" is inspired by a Covergirl ad in Glamour's April 2011 issue. The lovely Taylor Swift if sporting a fab gold sequin dress which reminded me of Revlon's Metallic "Gold Coin" nail color. I haven't worn it yet until now. Application is shown with 2 coats and a top coat using Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in "Flawless."

  • Pros- only 2 coat application, beautiful rich color, long wearing.
  • Cons- removal is a pain- metallic shimmers stay on your nail, taking more work and acetone to remove completely.

You can pick up Revlon polishes at a pharmacy. Got this one along with "Silver Dollar" at CVS on sale for $4.99 each and got $4 ECBs back + used a $1 off mfr coupon, which means I got both for FREE! This color would compliment an all black outfit nicely!

What's your favorite Revlon nail color?

Pretty In Pink Lace Mani + Konad

After discovering Konad stamping, I've been obsessed! Since using Revlon's Colorburst Lipgloss in Crystal Lilac, I've had this manicure in mind. The touch of black lace makes this mani simple and sophisticated.
Indoor Lighting
Base Color: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength- Champagne Toast
Konad Plate: m57
Konad Color: Wet n' Wild Wild Shine- Black Creme
Embellishment Design: Konad Hologram 3D Nail Sticker 05
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength- Flawless
For this mani, I didn't use a base coat. I tend not to when I apply light colors as my base so this way my mani will last longer than usual. You do want to use a base coat when applying deeper colors, like reds, blues, blacks, etc.. since they tend to stain your nails. Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Nail Color in "Champagne Toast" is a beautiful delicate light pink with just a tiny hint of shimmer. Here I applied 3 coats as my base color.
Indoor Lighting
Base Color: Sally Hansen Champagne Toast

Next, I applied a lace-type Konad design, using Konad plate m57 and Wet n' Wild's Wild Shine in "Black Creme" on the top of my nail bed. Now, if you don't feel like dishing out those $7-$8 on Konad's special polish (in my case), then I definitely recommend getting WnW's Black Creme. It's a bit thicker than most polishes making it great for Konad-ing. And the best part? They only go for $.99!! You can find it at pharmacies like Rite-Aid and Walgreens and sometimes they have specials on Wet n' Wild cosmetics (BOGO 50% off). So you're actually paying around $1.50 for 2 of them. I've already started a nice little collection of their polishes, I'll be posting swatches of the colors I own soon.
Indoor Lighting
Konad Plate: m57
Konad Color: Wet n' Wild Black Creme
When I ordered my first Konad package I bought Hologram 3D Nail stickers. I decided to add one a flower on each of my ring fingers. Application was very easy, just like applying a regular sticker to something.

Konad Hologram 3D Nail Sticker on Ring Finger
To make sure your fabulous manicure lasts; apply a top coat. In this case I used Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Nail Color in "Flawless." I bought this on a whim as I needed a clear top coat. I didn't notice it wasn't necessarily a top coat until I got home but I decided to keep it anyways and try it out. To my surprise, it works as a top coat better than any top coat polish I've ever tried. I've been raving about it to the ladies I know. It's made many of my manicures last up to a 1 1/2 weeks which is much longer than I've ever had a manicure last (see pic below - 8 days after application). A great buy! You can find it at your local Walgreens, Rite-Aid or CVS. It also comes as a bonus gift in some double packages alongside another color.
Natural Sunlight - Day 8
What color nail polish are you rocking right now???

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lovin My New Zigis + Photos

I recently bought a sexy pair of Zigi Soho Pumps from and I'm dying for the weather to get nicer to wear them. Come on mother nature, help a girl out!! In the meantime, I'll just brag about them... LOL

I've been shopping at DSW for quite a while now and I do have to say that it's my #1 go-to shoe store. I love being able to go to one store (or warehouse, in this case) and have so many options to choose from. I don't mean this just in the style or type of shoes, but in brand options as well. They also sell other essentials for any fashionista's wardrobe, such as wallets, handbags, hosiery and shoe care products at a great bargain price. As if discounted shoes wasn't enough, DSW also offers reward certificates and general coupons for being a DSW Rewards Member. If you haven't become a member already, I recommend you join especially since it's free! For every purchase whether regularly priced or on clearance, you earn points that add up and generate reward certificates that automatically show up to your online account and also are sent to you by mail, allowing you to use them in store or online. You can register and see more benefits at DSW Rewards Member.

Another great thing about DSW is their customer service. I've never had an issue gone unresolved with DSW and has been done so with in a promptly manner. It is also fair to say that as far I know, DSW has the best Facebook company page ever! Any questions or issues are answered fairly quick through their FB page. And every Tuesday, they offer Free Shuesday where the first 20 correct email answers win a $50 gift card. There are also plenty of Shoe Frenzies, where all you have to do is post either a pic or phrase chosen by DSW and follow the instructions when they respond to get a nice surprise ;) Gotta give Amanda a shout-out, she takes care of DSW's FB page! On Fridays, the DSW Twitter account has the same type of contest but there are only 10 winners picked :/

This is how I bought my Zigi Soho Kelis Pumps! First off, I don't know why I haven't been buying things online through Ebates. They give you a certain percentage of cash back just for buying through the site. So, I went to ebates to make my DSW purchase. I used a $25 gc that I won from a product review + $20.88 gc from a return + $5 reward certificate + $10 reward certificate + FREE shipping code. Original price was $59.95 and paid.... (drumroll pleaseeeeeeeee) $1.04!!!!! Woohoo.. LOL Don't believe me? Check out the pic below:
And here they are on:
  Natural Sunlight + Indoor Light                   Natural Sunlight
So far they are very comfortable mainly because of the platform. It gives great support for this 5.5" heel! I bought them 1/2 a size bigger because my normal size 6 felt a little tight. Definitely recommend these before they're all gone. They already sold out  the tan ones in my size :( At least I have these and at a steal!

First Things First..

I've been going back and forth on what my first post should be about. So many thoughts and ideas that I've already got set in my mind to post about but I think maybe I should just start with the basics for now...

Ever since seeing A&E's show "Extreme Couponing," I've been all about trying to save some cash, where possible. My new frugal ways have led me to great deals on things I already buy on the regular; makeup, nail cosmetics, hair care, hair color, toiletries, personal hygiene products, and even shoes.. Don't get me wrong, I haven't become an extremist at couponing (not that there's anything wrong with that).. but I have been acquiring quite a nice collection of products that I might have wanted but not bought while regularly priced. BUT, I've paid way less for many items than I would have paid for just a few full priced items.

Pharmacies are great deal makers nowadays. So I'll begin there..

1. Enroll in the savings programs which issue you cards that you will scan at the register before buying. You will have to be registered for these programs in order to receive deals/rewards that the store is offering. You can find these deals in the store weekly circulars.
2. Every week stores have different deals on certain products. You can obtain the weekly   circulars by just going to the store's online site. To obtain future weekly circulars there are blogs that offer them and will show you what offers are good for that week. You can find these blogs under my FOLLOWING tab. There will be rewards for certain items.
  • Scenario: CVS has Colgate toothpaste for $3.89 and it will generate $3.00 in Extra Care Bucks that you can use on any other purchase at CVS (except for cigarettes/liquor/etc.). Meaning after ECBs it's like paying $.89 for the toothpaste.
  • Rite Aid reward generators are known as +UP rewards.. for both Rite Aid and CVS these rewards will print at the end of your receipt, so make sure you cut them off and keep them for the next purchase!
3. COUPONS! These little pieces of paper can save you some of your hard earned bucks! You know those bags that always end up at the front of your door? Look through them! You'll find circulars for that upcoming week as well as manufacturer (mfr) coupons. You can also find mfr coupons on sites such as Clip them!! (Well, at least the ones for things you usually use) You can use these coupons per item unless noted otherwise. Pharmacies and some supermarkets accept printed coupons. With store deals, rewards and manufacturer coupons, you can score some great items for pocket change or even FREE!

So here's a scenario from one of my recent purchases:

  • Revitalens Multipurpose Solution was on sale at CVS for $7.89 from $10.49 and generated $4 ECBs. I used a mfr coupon for $3 off and then $4 ECBs that I already received from a previous purchase. Paid out of pocket= $.89
  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes were $7.99. I used $4 ECBs + $3 ECBs from a previous purchase. Paid $1.70 including tax.
  • Instead of paying $19.19, I paid $2.59!! ACTUALLY, I made a profit of $1.41.. Let's not forget the $4 ECBs I earned from buying the contact solution.
Happy Couponing!! If you have any questions regarding using coupons, feel free to ask me. I'll try my best to answer as soon as possible.. Stay tuned to see how I paid $1.04 for a hot pair of Zigi Soho pumps at DSW!!