Thursday, April 4, 2013

NYX Springtime Blushes

Spring is officially here!! The warmer weather here in New York City - not so much! Big WOMP. But no chilly weather is going to stop me from transitioning into spring trends. Just because I can't throw on some high waisted shorts like my lucky Californians, it doesn't mean I can't celebrate spring in other ways. Thus, out come my spring time beauty products.

Description: NYX PRESSED POWDER BLUSHES deliver sheer, silky color that glide on, blend beautifully and create a natural glow. The formula is richly-pigmented and lasts for hours.

Available in (24) shades: mocha (PB01), dusty rose (PB02), angel (PB03), silky rose (PB04), pinky (PB05), peach (PB06), natural (PB07), cinnamon (PB08), sand (PB10), taupe (PB11), terra cotta (PB12), mauve (PB13), spice (PB14), desert rose (PB17), cocoa (PB18), copper (PB21), pecan (PB22), espresso (PB23), red (PB24), pinched (PB25), rose garden (PB26), summer peach (PB27), bourgeois pig (PB28), amber (PB29)

NYX Cinnamon & Bourgeois Pig Blushes
Of all the colors available there may be some that are not as pigmented as others but if pigment is what you are looking for then Cinnamon and Bourgeois Pig are right for you. Quintessential spring colors; Cinnamon- a matte bright orange and Bourgeois Pig, a dusty pink with slight blue undertones; pack a whole lot of colorful goodness that can be carried into the summer. 

Each blush contains .18 oz (5.2g) of product that is housed in a sleek black plastic container that allows you to see the color of the blush through a clear window. Some may consider the packaging a downfall because it doesn't house a mirror but I can do without it as it would just add to the bulkiness.

As mentioned before, these blushes pack quite a punch of color. You can tell by the swatches below that a little goes a long way when it comes to application. A light touch with a blush brush is enough to give your cheeks a nice flush of color.

I like to use a real techniques blush brush or one by crown brush to apply these powder blushes since they are dense enough to pick up enough product but apply lightly as well as evenly. Just make sure to tap off any excess before applying to your cheeks for a light even application.

I wish I could say that these blushes last until the very end of the night but they don't. You can get a good 5-6 hours of wear with these blushes before they begin to fade a bit. But for the price ($5 each) and for the pigmentation, they are well worth giving a shot.

NYX Cinnamon Blush

NYX Bourgeois Pig Blush

Swatches left to right: Cinnamon - Bourgeois Pig

Price & Availability: $5.00 @ Ulta /