Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sephora 12HR Wear Waterproof Jumbo Liner Set - Review, Photos & Swatches


Company's Description:

"These jumbo pencils create a range of effects, from bold lines and blended effects to thin, defined lines. Resistant to water, heat, and humidity, their creamy, high-pigment formulas apply smoothly. From deep blacks to rich and shimmery shades, each is formulated with exclusive waxes and pigments to assure maximum color intensity that stays put for 12-hours."


After watching one of my favorite YT beauty gurus, GlamLifeGuru mention this set one day I just knew I had to get my hands on it. I love purchasing value sets when they are released, getting more bang for my buck is always the best in my book!

The Sephora Collection Jumbo Liner 12HR Wear Waterproof Set ($30) contains 5 pencils. Two of which are glitter pencils: Purple Glitter & White Glitter, two shimmery pencils: Kaki & Taupe and a matte color: Black. The glittery colors take a bit of work to apply evenly because of the glitter particles. White glitter in particular applies patchy, as seen on the swatch. I prefer to use it in the inner corner of the eye to give it a frosty highlight. The shimmery and matte colors go on very opaque with a smooth creamy application. Use them on the waterline for a lasting, non-smudging liner or pack some product on a eyeliner brush for a winged liner look.

Left to Right: white glitter, kaki, black, taupe, purple glitter
Sephora 12HR Wear Waterproof Jumbo Liners are available in 28 colors: 01 white, 03 grey, 04 taupe, 05 beige, 07 brown, 08 gold, 09 kaki, 10 green, 11 turquoise, 13 marine, 14 violet, 15 purple, 16 glitter, 17 black, 18 silver glitter, 19 gray glitter, 20 beige glitter, 21 pink glitter, 22 dark taupe shimmer, 23 brown glitter, 24 dark brown matte, 25 green shimmer, 26 peacock blue shimmer, 27 electric blue matte, 28 mauve shimmer, 29 purple glitter, 30 purple matte and 31 lilac shimmer.

You can get individual colors at Sephora for $14 each.

The Sephora jumbo liners (0.10oz) are very reminiscent of the NYX jumbo eye pencils (0.18oz) as far as packaging goes; with the exception of quality in materials. I prefer the caps on the Sephora liners over the NYX ones because all the clear caps have cracked on all my NYX pencils. As far as the quality in formulas, the Sephora liners win without a doubt. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the NYX pencils but I use them more as a base color for some of my eyeshadows. They don't tend to work too well as a shadow because they will crease quickly. These pencils have to be sharpened just like the NYX jumbo eye pencils so you will need a sharpener that is big enough to fit them.


Left to right: purple glitter, taupe, black, kaki, white glitter (No flash) 
Left to right: purple glitter, taupe, black, kaki, white glitter (Flash)
The Sephora liners work very well not just as liners and bases, but as eyeshadows also. They don't tug or pull of your lid and can be blended out within a few seconds after being applied. The liners are very pigmented, enough so that they can be used as saturated shadows. They are especially great for a quick eye look without having to spend too much time creating a look. 

I applied the Sephora pencil in Taupe over Urban Decay's Primer Potion and experienced no creasing or fading over a period of 10 hours. The claims of being waterproof also stand correct. I applied a great amount of water onto the dried swatches, rubbed them over a few times and dried with a paper towel; proving in fact that they are indeed waterproof. The black liner is great for rimming the waterline. I always have issues with black liners smudging or fading on me because my eyes get irritated due to wearing contacts and eye makeup at the same time. With the black liner I don't have to worry about any of that.
Water applied and rubbed on swatches
Dried and rubbed over again swatches
I'd like to collect a few more colors but am hoping that another value set is released. They may be a bit pricey for some but compared to the Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows at $20 and with a small color selection. I really want to get my hands on marine. I think it would look very pretty on the bottom lashline.

Pricing & Availability: $30 (set), $14 individual pencils available at Sephora