Friday, June 15, 2012

Gucci Flora Garden Collection

Left to Right: Gracious Tuberose, Gorgeous Gardenia, Glamorous Magnolia

The Gucci Flora Garden Collection out this Spring is pure bliss. Inspired by the House of Gucci scarf which was originally designed for Princess Grace of Monaco, the collection features 5 new floral fragrances for each of the scarf's blooming flowers.

I've never been a fan of floral perfumes but the light sweet smell of this collection has me preaching otherwise. Here, I'm featuring 3 of the 5 scents.

Gracious Tuberose - violet leaf top note; tuberose heart note; cistus and sandalwood base notes.

Gorgeous Gardenia - red berries and pears top notes; gardenia heart note; warm frangipani flower, patchouli and brown sugar base notes.

Glamorous Magnolia - freesia top note; peony and magnolia heart notes; sandalwood base note.

I don't have a favorite so far and have been wearing all three of these scents, not all at the same time of course. I love how feminine they make me feel.

How cute is this box?

Full contents of the collection
Samples for friends :)

As a Bzzagent, I received this campaign to share with you lovely people. The gorgeous Gucci box contained 3 mini perfume bottles, a book of samples and info and a bunch of perfume samples for my friends. They really like the new collection as well.

Being a Bzzagent is pretty cool, it's free to join and you get to try out new products during their campaigns. These mini Gucci bottles are now a part of my mini perfume bottle collection :) And how pretty is that box they came in? It sits so elegantly on my new Ikea makeup storage unit.

If it weren't for the expensive price tag, I would purchase these scents to add as staples of my collection.

Availability: Nordstrom
Price: $72/1.6 oz; $100 for 3.3 oz


Neutrogena Healthy Defense Moisturizer - SPF 50

I've never really thought twice when choosing a moisturizer for my face. Ponds facial moisturizer was always a staple in my skincare routine mainly because I was able to get a 10 oz tub for around $8 and that was my main concern then. Now that I've been having issues with my skin, it's a different story. After seeing a dermatologist for the first time, other than prescribing me medication for my face, she recommended I use Neutrogena's Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer.

Description: (
Healthy Defense® Daily Moisturizer SPF 50 provides superior protection from skin aging effects of the sun while hydrating your skin all day.This innovative formula contains Helioplex®, the sunscreen complex that helps block the harmful UVB-burning rays and UVA-aging rays which can cause premature lines and wrinkles. This daily moisturizer has an exclusive anti-oxidant blend with pure Vitamin E, which helps prevent environmental damage. Lightweight, non-greasy, it's powerful protection and hydration you can rely on all day, every day.
  • Non-greasy
  • Lightweight
  • Contains Helioplex®
  • SPF 50

What is Helioplex?
A groundbreaking technology that offers balanced, broad-spectrum protection against both sunburn causing UVB rays and UVA rays that accelerate the signs of aging. Its strong defense helps stop skin aging rays from penetrating through surface layers for exceptional deep cellular protection.

This moisturizer also comes in SPF 30 but the higher the SPF the better right?! If you don't like moisturizers that smell like sunscreen then this isn't the moisturizer for you. I personally don't mind it. This lightweight formula leaves me feeling hydrated throughout the day without that greasy feeling that sunscreen normally has.

Squeeze Top Opening

Another thing I never thought twice about was protecting my face from the sun's everyday rays. I was one of those kids who loved being in the sun and would cry if someone tried to pull me away. I guess that's why I have so many freckles and sun spots. As I got older and learned the harm that the sun causes our skin, I try to protect it (especially when it comes to  my face) from the sun on a regular basis. 

The benefit of this moisturizer is its high SPF number, knocking out 2 birds with one stone. So many beauty enthusiasts are a bit skeptical about high SPF moisturizers because it can make you look ghostly in flash photography. I can't necessarily say it won't make certain people look whiter in pictures but in my experience I haven't had an issue with it.

Texture of moisturizer 
Semi-blended swatch
Fully blended swatch

You can find the Neutrogena Healthy Defense Moisturizer at your local pharmacy where it retails at $15 for a (1.7oz) bottle. That being said, a little does go a long way with this moisturizer. I've had mine for about 4 months now and still have yet to finish it. If you're a BJs member, check your BJs where they sell 2 in a pack for $16.99. Bjs also frequently puts out a BJs coupon for $5 off, making it $11.99 for the dual pack. I recommend getting picking it up there since you can get 2 for less than the price of 1.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Travalo Review/Video Tutorial

*This review is long overdue but there has been personal family things going on recently and I haven't been up to blogging. After much stressing about it I realized I need to blog to get my mind off of it. For those of you who are avid readers of mine, I apologize.*

The Travalo Excel is a lightweight refillable atomizer that allows you to carry around your desired perfume fragrance without having to lug around those heavy glass bottles. After using it for quite some time, it has become an essential for traveling. No need to safely prepare and worry about your perfume bottles breaking in your luggage and ruining your clothes. I also like to chuck it into my purse just in case I feel the need for a refresher throughout the day. This version comes with a protective carrying case nice enough to put on display and holds the travalo upright without having them roll away. There are a variety of colors to choose from which is nice.

Available Colors: Red, Silver, Gold, Green, Blue, Purple, Hot Pink, Black, Pink.

At just 88mm in length it's the perfect size, it fits in the palm of your hand. Here it is in comparison to a tube of chap stick. As for weight? The travalo is only 20 grams but no worries, although it is small it will provide you with enough perfume sprays; more than 65 to be exact. 

Filling your travalo is so simple. No need to worry about having a tiny little funnel or spilling your precious perfume (we all know perfume isn't inexpensive nowadays!). One side of the travalo features a small opening where all the refilling will take place. Simply pop off the top on your desired perfume bottle and insert the travalo onto the plastic tip. Pump the travalo and voila! It only takes seconds for your travalo to be ready to use!


You won't have to worry about overfilling it either. There is a shatterproof clear window on the side of the travalo that shows you how much perfume you have filled it with. Better yet, shows you how much perfume you have left. When filled, just pull of the cap and spray away. I especially like that it features a full size spray top. Trying to spray those flimsy teeny tiny perfume samples (if they even have spray bottles) becomes quite annoying, especially since they don't hold much fragrance.

I think this product is genius and have thought of getting another one. I like to take 2 different fragrances with me when I travel, one for the day time and another for the night. I definitely recommend getting a hold of a travalo.

This version retails for $20. To get yours: CLICK HERE
*Clicking the link will directly take you over to the product page. I am in no way affiliated with the company, so this is not a referral link.*

To save 20% on your order, enter "SHUGAANDSPICE" into the coupon code box!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration by KKCenterHk. I have not received monetary compensation for reviewing this product. This review only reflects my honest opinions and experiences with the product.

To see my video tutorial on filling a travalo, click on the video down below! Please subscribe to my YT channel for future videos. Thanks for passing by MY LOVELIES!