Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review: Rain Cosmetics Glam Lipstick in Socialite

Rain Cosmetics Glam Lipstick (Socialite)

Rain Cosmetics 'Socialite' Glam Lipstick ($20/.14 oz) is a creamy bright rose lipstick that provides full moisture to the lips. This paraben free lippie contains mango butter, grape seed oil and vitamin E that act as emollients that soothe and quench the lips throughout the day. This formula is available in both shimmer and matte shades.

Available in (13) colors: Socialite, Private Jet, Cocktail Hour, With the DJ, VIP List, Champagne Brunch, Penthouse Suite, Stretch Limo, Bottle Service, Velvet Rope, Red Carpet, After Hours, Very Hot Chocolate.

Rain Cosmetics is a Las Vegas based cosmetic company. The play on the city's nightlife is seen in the sexy packaging and in the names of the colors of their products.

Socialite Swatch
Close up Socialite Swatch

The Rain Cosmetics Glam Lipstick in Socialite was love at first sight! At first it seems to have a firm dry feeling but after a few swipes on the lips it warms up and becomes very smooth and creamy. It has the pigment and opacity of a lipstick but the moisturizing feel of a gloss, minus the sticky feeling! The color complimented my skin tone beautifully providing my lips with a bright but natural flush of color. The lasting power was about average of other lipsticks with normal daily activity of drinking and eating.

Sleek Packaging

Rain Cosmetics has definitely put thought into the sleek packaging of these lipsticks. The product is housed in a light blue rectangular cube like tube and has a silver twist up. The quality of the tube itself is great and durable which provides a nice sturdy feel when twisting the product up.

The scent of this lipstick is the typical "back in the day" lipstick smell. Some people aren't big fans of this smell and say it reminds them of their grandma's lipstick but I have no problem with it. It is actually nostalgic to me.

The Glam Lipstick in Socialite is a must have color for light to medium skin tones. It is the perfect shade of pink without being too blue toned for my medium olive skin tone. I recommend this lipstick to anyone who is looking for a great pink toned opaque moisturizing lipstick. I would have wished that it were more long lasting but there is not much you can do to find a moisturizing product that is also long lasting.

Wearing Rain Cosmetics Lipstick in Socialite

Price: $20
Availability: Rain Cosmetics / Store Locations & Salons

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration by the manufacturer. This does not affect any opinions featured in this post as they are my own honest experiences with the product.   

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