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Review: Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks + Swatches

Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks ($5.99) are part of Milani Cosmetics permanent Spring 2015 line. Infused with grape seed extract imported from Italy, this smear-proof lip soother delivers mega color that won’t budge. The lightweight, creamy formula contains Vitamins A & C to keep lips kissably soft and hydrated. 
Left to right: Matte Innocence, Matte Naked, Matte Blissful, Matte Diva, Matte Orchid, Matte Glam, Matte Passion, Matte Confident


Available in (8) shades: 60 Innocence, 61 Naked, 62 Blissful, 63 Diva, 64 Orchid, 65 Glam, 66 Passion, 67 Confident.

Matte Innocence is described as a soft whisper of pink. It is a very sheer nude. Not my favorite of the collection as I've never been into canceling out the natural color of my lips but some will appreciate the pale nude color.

Matte Naked is described as a "Your lips but better" medium nude. Of the nudes/pinks this is my favorite shade. It compliments all skin tones nicely.

Matte Blissful is described as a girly blush pink. It is a blue toned pink which is hard to pull off and can make your teeth look yellow but some skin tones pull this color off pretty well.

Matte Diva is described as a happy, poppy hot pink. Matte Diva is a beautiful hot pink that flatters most skin tones.

Matte Orchid is described as a super flattering, complexion friendly fuchsia. This is one of my favorite colors that looks great on all skin tones. It is a true pink with purple undertones.

Matte Glam is described as a grape-Italian-ice purple. This unique true grape purple is a nice treat to drugstore lipsticks.

Matte Passion is described as a fiery sunset orange-red. Another favorite, it is a beautiful red with orange undertones that don't overpower the redness of this lipstick.

Matte Confident is described as a bold, gusty brick red. It is a true deep blue toned red that is flattering to almost every skin tone.

Skin Swatches left to right: Innocence, Naked, Blissful, Diva, Orchid, Glam, Passion, Confident.
Skin Swatches left to right: Innocence, Naked, Blissful, Diva.
Skin Swatches left to right: Orchid, Glam, Passion, Confident.
Lip Swatches top left to right: Innocence, Naked, Blissful, Diva. Bottom left to right: Orchid, Glam, Passion, Confident.

I appreciate true matte lipsticks but not the dry feeling they leave on your lips. At first I was skeptical with Milani's claim about their new hydrated matte lipticks but these really do apply smoothly and feel quite comfortable on your lips. I wouldn't say they feel like a balm or as moisturizing as their previously released Color Statement lipsticks but they don't leave you with that common uncomfortable dryness that most matte lipsticks give. They also don't budge while eating or drinking and have about 6 hours of wear time before fading. Certain colors will stain your lips after having them on for a little while. I had to put in work in order to remove all the color ofl my lips when doing the swatches for this review.

I typically always use a lipliner with my lipsticks, not only to make my lip color appear neater but to prevent it from feathering and last longer throughout the day. My lip swatches were done without using lipliners but I would definitely recommend the use of them with these lipsticks.

If you're a fan of Milani's packaging from their original Color Statement Lipsticks as I am then you will love the mattes the same. Although I do love the gold sleek packaging, it would be nice to differentiate the original lipsticks from the new mattes. The color names do include the word "matte" before them which is a plus but a distinction in packaging would have been nice. Color names are found engraved on the bottom of the tubes with the corresponding color of each lisptick. The fragrance of these matte lipsticks has been changed up from Milani's previous fruity melon scent, so if you love the scent of MAC lippies you'll appreciate the switch to the new vanilla scent.

Milani Cosmetics has done good with the release of these affordable matte lipsticks. Although I do appreciate the color selection these lippies offer I would like to see a wider color range the way they released their original Color Statement lipsticks. Otherwise.. The scent, on point. The way they apply, on point.  The way they feel on your lips, on point. Let's just say Milani nailed these NEW Color Statement Moisture Matte Lispticks! Let's just hope there are new colors coming soon!

Availability: Milani Cosmetics / CVS
Price: $5.99

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration by the manufacturer. This does not affect any opinions featured in this post as they are my own honest experiences with the product.    

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  1. Wow, loved all shades, the packaging is gorgeous. all shades look pretty on you. Kisses <3



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