Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lovin My New Zigis + Photos

I recently bought a sexy pair of Zigi Soho Pumps from and I'm dying for the weather to get nicer to wear them. Come on mother nature, help a girl out!! In the meantime, I'll just brag about them... LOL

I've been shopping at DSW for quite a while now and I do have to say that it's my #1 go-to shoe store. I love being able to go to one store (or warehouse, in this case) and have so many options to choose from. I don't mean this just in the style or type of shoes, but in brand options as well. They also sell other essentials for any fashionista's wardrobe, such as wallets, handbags, hosiery and shoe care products at a great bargain price. As if discounted shoes wasn't enough, DSW also offers reward certificates and general coupons for being a DSW Rewards Member. If you haven't become a member already, I recommend you join especially since it's free! For every purchase whether regularly priced or on clearance, you earn points that add up and generate reward certificates that automatically show up to your online account and also are sent to you by mail, allowing you to use them in store or online. You can register and see more benefits at DSW Rewards Member.

Another great thing about DSW is their customer service. I've never had an issue gone unresolved with DSW and has been done so with in a promptly manner. It is also fair to say that as far I know, DSW has the best Facebook company page ever! Any questions or issues are answered fairly quick through their FB page. And every Tuesday, they offer Free Shuesday where the first 20 correct email answers win a $50 gift card. There are also plenty of Shoe Frenzies, where all you have to do is post either a pic or phrase chosen by DSW and follow the instructions when they respond to get a nice surprise ;) Gotta give Amanda a shout-out, she takes care of DSW's FB page! On Fridays, the DSW Twitter account has the same type of contest but there are only 10 winners picked :/

This is how I bought my Zigi Soho Kelis Pumps! First off, I don't know why I haven't been buying things online through Ebates. They give you a certain percentage of cash back just for buying through the site. So, I went to ebates to make my DSW purchase. I used a $25 gc that I won from a product review + $20.88 gc from a return + $5 reward certificate + $10 reward certificate + FREE shipping code. Original price was $59.95 and paid.... (drumroll pleaseeeeeeeee) $1.04!!!!! Woohoo.. LOL Don't believe me? Check out the pic below:
And here they are on:
  Natural Sunlight + Indoor Light                   Natural Sunlight
So far they are very comfortable mainly because of the platform. It gives great support for this 5.5" heel! I bought them 1/2 a size bigger because my normal size 6 felt a little tight. Definitely recommend these before they're all gone. They already sold out  the tan ones in my size :( At least I have these and at a steal!

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