Friday, December 6, 2013

Bronze-Copper Glitter Nails

On occasion I love wearing glitter on my nails. I don't often use glitter polishes because we all know what a hassle it is to get off. But since it had been such a long time, I was feeling a little creative the week of Thanksgiving.

This drugstore combo came out perfect for the holiday. I applied one base coat, using Sally Hansen (Forbidden Fudge). Then applied 2 coats of Spoiled by Wet n' Wild (Cougar Attack).

Sally Hansen (Forbidden Fudge) + Spoiled (Cougar Attack) - taken in indoor white lighting.
Sally Hansen Forbidden Fudge is a bronzed chocolate brown. To wear on its own you will need 2 coats for an even application. The brush is a round thick brush that collects a good amount of polish. I suggest wiping some of the polish off into the bottle before applying.

Spoiled Cougar Attack is a brown jelly polish with fine bronze & copper glitters. It is exceptionally pretty when layered on top of a base color. I'm not too fond of wearing glitter polishes on their own. I suggest using pure acetone when trying to remove the glitter polish. I had such a hard time getting all the glitter off.

Sally Hansen (Forbidden Fudge) + Spoiled (Cougar Attack) - taken in indoor yellow lighting.

To seal the manicure I used my favorite topcoat - Out the Door. It recently replaced the Seche Vite topcoat. I was looking for a better topcoat since I began to dislike Seche Vite. I was having issues with Seche Vite skrinking in on the edges of my nailbeds. Out the Door Topcoat doesn't give me any issues. It actually performs just like Seche Vite but doesn't have such a strong odor plus it dries quicker; in just 45 seconds. It's less expensive as well ($5). I got mine at Sally's Beauty Supply. Hope you enjoyed this combo! Comment down below with any glitter polishes you suggest trying out :)

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