Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm Going To Be An Aunt! Baby Trends I'm Lovin..

My niece!
One of my older sisters is having a baby girl!!!! Woohoo! She will be due on November 12, 2011. Can't wait! Whatever God will bring to this world is wonderful, but I think little girls are much cuter than boys =P and let's not all forget that the selection of clothing for girls is much nicer than your basic plaid button down shirts for boys. SO in honor of my soon to be born niece, this blog post will be dedicated to the latest baby trends I die for...

What a cute dainty headband!
So ever since I've been addicted to watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo, I've been waiting on someone I know to have a baby girl so I could dress them like Teresa Giudice's kids.. Im pathetic LOL I always liked these hair accessories that her kids wear and there are a bunch of independent companies I've found online that sell these crochet flower headbands/hats and tutu skirts for newborns and toddlers. My sister is not really feeling the trend and says she doesn't want her to be too girly.. Too girly?? Wutevvaaa LOL 

How cute is this outfit? And she just HAS to have a pair of Converse!

I <3 the blue tutu paired with a hot pink headband!

Yes, I'm a bit obsessed! But hey who wouldn't be?!?! These cute crochet flower headbands and hats run about $8-$15 online which is not bad at all considering Bellini's sells them for $30. Ha.. Jea right!

What baby trends are you loving? What do you think of these trends?


  1. LOVE THEM! and thats a great price! i bought a couple for my lil girl for $5 found them on sale in a boutique here.. its to bad its to hot over here to wear the crochet ones :( or i would have had my grammy make them lol- Ivy

  2. Wow I'm loving them. Can't wait to see my lil girl in those outfits. Lol.

  3. @Ivy- I thought the same about having my Abuelita make them but idk.. and those crochet ones aren't like the thick material we're used to see people use when crocheting.. It's a very thin light stretchy material so I think it's not a problem in the hot weather..

  4. that is amazing! congrats on being an aunt! love all the baby headbands! :)

  5. Awwww your neice loves you already!!!! Let's see how she does with headbands. If she's anything like you liitle sister when you were younger shell rip them right off! Lol

    Love you! Oh and converse definitely!

  6. @Dee- LMAO! These are cute sis! What mami dressed us in when we were younger was not! lol

  7. love these pictures! they are so cute! My lil' girl crazy about tutu right now! xx Joice

  8. @Love Joice- Aren't they?!!!! Awww how cute, you see I knew I wouldn't be the only one who's into them!


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