Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cover Girl Lip Perfection Haul + Swatches + Photos

You may have read by now that I'm obsessed with Cover Girl's Lip Perfection lip colors. Isn't it obvious that I would continue adding to my collection? Haha I love them!! If you've missed by previous review on these lipsticks, check it out here: Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lip Color

Left to Right: Hot -- Fairytale -- Sultry
Tube Color Previews Left to Right: Hot -- Fairytale -- Sultry
Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lip Liner: Passion
I picked up these colors + a lip liner + CG Lashblast Fusion mascara on a recent Rite Aid haul. The lip colors/liner retail for $7.19 in my area but they were having a 40% off sale and paired with mfr coupons I ended up paying $1.15 each for each of the lipsticks, liner and mascara. Good deal huh?!

Liner (Passion) - Creamy bright red liner with easy application.
Lip Color (Hot) - Creamy bright red.
Lip Color (Fairytale) - Creamy warm pink coral.
Lip Color (Sultry) - Creamy deep rose brown.

Swatches as follows:
Natural Midday Light
Left to Right: Lip Liner Passion -- Lip color Hot -- Fairytale -- Sultry
Indoor Lighting
Left to Right: Lip Liner Passion -- Lip color Hot -- Fairytale -- Sultry
Lip Swatches as follows:
(look out for my FOTD post for (Hot) lip swatch)
Lip Perfection Lip Color: Fairytale (Cream)
Lip Perfection Lip Color: Sultry (Cream)
What colors have you been collecting?

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