Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekly Haul Roundup - Free DSW Shoes & more..

It's that time again! Patience is truly a virtue. After patiently waiting to rack up my free $5 bonus cards sent by DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) for participating in their Facebook Frenzies, I've managed to collect $60 worth of FREE SHOES! Oh, and let's not forget a $5 certificate I have for being a Rewards member! Who ever says things in life aren't free?!

Time for some SHOPPING!!
I've been online shopping in case I don't find anything in stores. And here are the following contenders:
Sm Women's Saassi Pump (Grey) - $59.95

SM Women's Saassi Pump (Blush Multi) - $59.95
Poppie Jones Mini Rose Shoulder Bag (Black) - $19.95

Mojo Moxy Poppy Pump (Pink) - $79.95

Mojo Moxy Poppy Pump (Blue) - $79.95

SM Women's Vaneza Pump (Black Glitter) - $59.95

Zigi Soho Traffic Sandal (Black) - $39.95
 I'm in love with all these items and don't know what to order... I wish I could get them ALL!! ;) I have to use my cards by Wednesday because 3 of them expire that day.. and I REFUSE to let them go!! LOL I'll keep you guys updated on what I decide to get.. help me decide what to buy, just enter the product names in the search box at DSW.com to check them out!!

On another note, I went to Deals during the weekend with my sister (she had to pick up some things for a work event) and I found this very affordable hand mirror which is perfect when applying my makeup since I use this tiny little mirror to do so. I paid a mere $1 for it and was surprised at the quality of it. I'm sure I will get long good use of it. And it's a great size (approx.): 6-1/2"w x 9-1/4"l
Sassy & Chic Hand Mirror - $1
I ordered this 15 pcs. pack of Nail Art Brushes through eBay seller: SecretJewelry for $3 and received them in the mail. I haven't had a chance to try them out yet but the quality seems to be pretty good from first glance. I was a bit worried that they would be of really cheap quality. I promise to do a full review of them on a featured manicure. So stay tuned MY LOVELIES <3
15pcs. Nail Art Brushes

DECISIONS.. DECISIONS.. What DSW item do you like the most?


  1. The Mojo Moxy Poppy Pump is absolutely the most beautiful shoe I've seen this year, in either blue or pink... major love <3

  2. I hope you have fun choosing your free shoes! I love the shoes on picture #2! great post dear! xx Joice

  3. Love the Mojo Moxy Poppy in pink...that is so cute!

  4. @Taehreh - I completely agree! They are so gorgeous & unique!

    @Love Joice- I die for blush shoes! lol Thanks love!

    @Miranda - I love both colors =) But the pink is veryyy cute, I can see it paired with a light pair of jeans and simple white top to make them stand out more.


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