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Review: Secret Soles Transformed the Soul of My Step! [Pic Heavy]

The lovely Jodi-Kay of Kreations by Kay has recently sent me these fabulous Secret Soles for review. What are Secret Soles? They are UV coated waterproof stickers that you apply to the bottom soles of your heels to add a style of your own. They are available in different styles, from a variety of colors to leopard or polka dot prints. I'm sure all women are aware of the fabulous Christian Louboutin shoes famous for their red-bottom soles and we all lust to own a pair of these. But, let's be real.. they are ridiculously expensive!!

Secret Soles
Available at Kreations by Kay

So why not spruce up your own favorite pumps with a classic red-bottom sole or a sexy pink animal print? Jodi-Kay sent me three different styles to try out: a classic red, a nice deep mustard yellow, and a black/pink/white animal print. The stickers come in a pre-packaged box that is inserted into a slip cover. You will find the package contents on the side of the box and both visual and written instructions on how to apply the stickers (located on the back of the slip cover).

Animal Print Secret Soles

The stickers are placed into a cute decorative box secured with a cotton bottom and covered by tissue paper. Priced at $20, an order like this comes with 3 pairs of stickers , a box cutter and antibacterial wipes. The one minor thing I disliked about the packaging is that the box was a bit short for the stickers so they bent on one side but it didn't affect the sticker at all. (Just an annoyance to me because I'm so anal about things like that, lol)

Side: Color contents
Slip cover + Box
Back: Visual/Written Application Instructions
Tissue Paper 
Red Stickers
Black/Pink/White Animal Print Stickers
Mustard Yellow Stickers 
Box cutter + Antibacterial wipe
Red Stickers (1 pair)

I decided to use the animal print on my taupe Steve Madden Kattrina Pumps. Since they are very neutral, I thought the print would give them a unique sexy pop of color.
SM Kattrina Pumps w/o Secret Soles
SM Kattrina w/ Animal Print Secret Soles 
SM Kattrina w/ Animal print Secret Soles
SM Kattrina w/ Animal Print Secret Soles
SM Kattrina w/ Animal Print Secret Soles
SM Kattrina w/ Animal Print Secret Soles

I applied the red stickers to a pair of Gold Glitter Steve Madden pumps. These are my cousin's shoes. Hope she likes them!
Applying red sticker to SM Caryssa Pumps
SM Caryssa w/ Red Secret Soles
SM Caryssa w/ Red Secret Soles
SM Caryssa w/ Red Secret Soles

1. Clean the bottom soles of the shoes with antibacterial wipes provided in package.

2. Peel designer sticker off of backing paper.

3. Apply to the sole of your shoe. Rub well with thumb working from the middle outwards. Trim excess off with the provided safety knife.

4. Keep excess sticker and apply to the heel if desired. Trim it the same way as in step 3.

5. Repeat application to other shoe.

6. Enjoy your revamped sexy heels!

Overall Opinion:
The stickers are very easy to apply but the task of trimming them is a bit difficult. I found myself trimming off more than I should have. So I had to take off the sticker and move it over to trim it again. The safety knife is very sharp and easily cuts the stickers, so if you are not careful you might cut too much off. I found the best way to trim the stickers is to start with the front end of the sole and trim down the shoe by placing the knife on an angle resting it on the edge of the sole. I then stopped midway and repeated the process on the other side. After, I then trimmed the bottom end of the soles, using the knife in the same manner.

I was a bit skeptical on using the red stickers since they are too reminiscent of the red-bottom Louboutins, but as far as application goes I preferred applying those better. They were easier to apply than the animal print stickers because they were more like a film and a bit transparent. This made it easier to actually see the edges of my soles, serving as a guideline on where to trim off the excess sticker without trimming off too much of it. The animal print stickers feel thicker and are opaque, making it difficult to see the edges of the soles.

As for the final outcome, I think I like the animal print better because they add a unique sexy look to my heels. Don't get me wrong, the red is lovely too but the print is pretty cute! I would apply these stickers to shoes with a straight edge heel (like my SM Kattrina) because it is pretty difficult to cut an extra piece that fits perfectly into a round edge heel. *Please see SM Caryssa pictures*

I recommend applying Secret Soles on a table with lots of room and to do it when you have time and patience where no one will be bothering you. Be careful not to cut yourself with the knife, it is very sharp. Don't leave it out if you have kids around.

I haven't worn my shoes out yet but look forward to seeing how the Secret Soles hold up. They should last up to 4 years. I will post an update on my blog as time goes on. But so far, I LOVEEE looking at my heels!! haha

Kreations by Kay:
Kreations by Kay, founded by Jodi-Kay Reece, is an online store based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She specializes in hand-made products made for women. Other than being an authorized distributor of Secret Soles, she sells satin headwraps (used to protect your hair and retain moisture at night) and satin lap scarves. At the moment, Kreations by Kay is working on 2 new products to add to the collection. Jodi-Kay has been very lovely and attentive in responding to my emails in a timely manner. If you have any questions, you can contact her at

If you are interested in purchasing Secret Soles for yourself or as a gift, you can buy them at Or you can order them and share them with your friends, splitting the cost. Payment is securely done through Paypal. If you don't have an account sign up for one; it's free! 

Also, find Kreations by Kay on Facebook here: Kreations by Kay FB Page.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration by Kreations by Kay. I have not received monetary compensation for reviewing this product. This review only reflects my honest opinions and experiences with the product.

Will you try out Secret Soles? What style would you add to your soles?


  1. Wow this is really good, you SM look like Loubs now, I love it. I would like to try this trick! great post dear! xx Joice

  2. @ love Joice - Thanks hun! Check out to purchase your own.

  3. OMG this is awesome! Love the animal print ones especially. I have never heard of these before.


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