Friday, July 1, 2011

Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore..

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SM P-Valeri (Pink Glitter) - $59.95 @ DSW

Earlier this week, if you read my post on what free DSW shoes I should choose to get with my bonus cards, then you know I had the hard decision of picking just one pair of shoes from my long list of options. If you missed it, check it out here.

Well, I decided to visit my nearest DSW store to check out what they had. I thought maybe I'll find 2 pairs on clearance and get them both free instead of just one full-priced pair. I thought wrong. The clearance section let me down BUT I fell in love these babies!! They are just like the Vaneza Pump by SM that I featured on my blog but have a thin mary jane strap on the upper part of the foot and they're PINK!!! I automatically scooped up the remaining size 6 and never let them go until I got home. LOL

They cost $59.95 at DSW and after using my $5 rewards certificate + (11) $5 bonus cards from the frenzies, they came out for F-R-E-E!! Yup! And I still had .05 left over haha

Now, I know I didn't end up buying any of the heels featured on my post. I did not know these were being sold at DSW and have not seen them online but these shoes put me into a daze. Thank you to the lovely ladies that commented on that post and gave me their picks but I just couldn't pass these up!

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These sexy platform pumps have a 5-1/4" stiletto heel and a 1-1/2" platform, practically making it a 3-3/4" heel. The trick to wear 4"+ heels is to choose  a pair with a high platform, giving the illusion of a very high heel but with the comfort of a shorter heel. I LOVE platform heels so much, to the point that I won't even bother to look at heels without one! I've gotten so used to them and honestly feel more comfort wearing them than a heel without a platform. I know a lot of women refuse to wear heels this high but with a bit of walking practice, you'll never want to go back to anything else. Don't knock em' till u try em'!!

The true color of these heels is a bright-baby pink that shine from the glitter effect. Note: color in some pictures may differ due to the position I placed them to take the picture as well as the setting on my camera. The inside sole is a metallic gold color and the delicately placed buckle is light gold which compliments the pink very well by not overpowering the already busy shoe. They are reminiscent of Dorothy's red slippers but only hotter and PINKKind of like Barbie meets The Wizard of Oz.. hehe.

These babies are perfect just the way they are (I sound like Bruno Mars..LOL) but I wonder how they would look with a patterned bottom sole.. a grey leopard perhaps? Stay tuned to see what I'm taking about.. I'm eagerly waiting to receive a package for review from a great company authorized to sell secret sole stickers that can be applied to the bottom soles of your heels to add some flair. You lovely readers will get a chance to see a full review by me later on this month. Don't forget to check back and let your friends know. I hope you LOVELIES enjoyed this post. Any questions or feedback are welcome, leave a comment below or email me at


What do you think of my new babies?


  1. I tried these on the other day. These are amazing. I would love to buy these. Who are the Frenzies and how did you get 11x $5.00 cards.


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