Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sally Hansen Blue Me Away French Mani

I haven't been up to blogging, much less doing anything because I've been sick.. wahhh.. who gets sick in summer?!?! But I must get myself out of bed and bring to you one of my recent nail looks for the summer. Everyone loves a classic french white manicure, but why not kick it up a notch this summer and throw in a bright pop of color to your frenchies!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Blue Me Away
For this look, I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "Blue Me Away" for my french tips. "Blue Me Away" is a bright pool blue creme. It is opaque, therefore I only used one coat here. A perfect color for this summer heat! You can get this color @ your local drugstore or Ulta store. It retails @ Target for $2.49.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Strengthener - Natural

2 coats of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Strengthener
I recently got this Sally Hansen Nail Strengthener during my mini Target haul and decided to try it out instead of applying a clear base coat. Here I applied 2 coast of the nylon + retinol strengthener to my nails. It goes on just like a polish but dries instantly. I already feel a difference in the strength of my nails over the week and I like the shine it adds to them.  I definitely recommend picking this up. It retails for $3.24 at Target.

What Is It:
An extra strength nail hardening treatment that protects & strengthens soft, fragile nails.

How It Works:
Nylon formula fortifies nails & helps prevent chipping, splitting & peeling; Retinol & copper Peptide formula hydrates parched nails' Omega 3 & Soy formula helps diminish the look of ridges.

The Results:
Hard, healthy looking, shiny nails that lasts.

How To Use:
Apply 2-3 coats on bare nails. Let dry.

Natural Light - In car

Natural Sunlight
I went a bit thicker with the tips than I usually would because I decided to leave my base clear and didn't want the curves of my nails showing. Free-handing a french mani is a bit hard to do on yourself so I used my trusty Scotch tape to make the lines really crisp. And this way, you can control the thickness of the line beforehand. Just make sure to let whatever base coat you're using dry completely before applying the Scotch tape, ladies! Then, simply used your desired polish from the tape down and remove once you're done. It's that easy! No more ending up unhappy with crooked and uneven lines.

What are your thoughts on using bright colors for french manicures in summer?


  1. I love it!
    This blue is so pretty.

  2. "Just make sure to let whatever base coat you're using dry completely before applying the Scotch tape, ladies!" Lol I can't wait that long! Love the color and def will TRY the scotch tape trick. I think I'm going to try it with a nice melon pink.

  3. I almost picked this color up, but got the Robin's Egg color instead, it looks great on your nails, I love having Colored Tips on my nails opposed to the regular white :))

  4. the blue is really nice and you did a great job with your nails, if I saw it in person I would assume you got it done at a salon :D

  5. @Carolina @Rinz @Miranda Thanks ladies!

    @Mechi LOL is this my cousin Mechi?! A melon pink will look great & I'm sure you'll get it right.

    @Wifezilla Hekela Thanks hun! Everyone loves a classic white french tip but after a while it gets boring.. colored tips are great for the summer in my opinion!!

    @Pop Champagne Thanks a bunch for the compliment! I haven't been to a nail salon since high school, why not do them yourself if you can and save yourself all the money?! It adds up! hehe

  6. Love this design and it easy to do it as well! great post dear! xx Joice

  7. @Love Joice Thanks, so much easier than trying to free-hand a french manicure!

  8. Definitely one of my fave looks so far. wish i could tell my nail girl to do stuff like this...

  9. @Urmarkgirl- Hey girl! Thanks! Why wouldn't you be able to tell your nail girl to do a french mani with a blue?


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