Friday, April 15, 2011

Chico's Haul + Photos

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I accompanied my mother to Chico's a few days ago. She wanted to pick up some new clothes and I ended up leaving with more than she did... But I got cute things for cheap!! LOL

Let me start off by saying that Chico's has some really nice accessory pieces but retail price is a bit high =(  Lucky me, they were having a sale and offered an additional 30% off on sale items. Soooo as my mami was in the fitting room I browsed the accessories sale section (hehe) and I must say I came out with some fabulous finds at a tremendous bargain! To top off this great sale, I got another 5% off for being a Chico's passport member and had a coupon.. So without further ado, my latest additions to the wardrobe:

Ikat Small Clutch- Brown/Blue
Retail: $69  Paid: $11.94

Length 11.25" x Width 2.5" closed x Height 6.5"
Open width 5.5"
This clutch is so versatile with brown/blue/black/light beige/grey tones. The shell and lining are 100% silk and the size is perfect for me. This is the size I want when looking for a clutch. I can fit my lipgloss, blackberry, camera, money, ID, liner (basically, my going out essentials). It's anything but "small." I saw the clutch a while back in another Chico's in Edgewater, NJ and fell in love, but then saw the price tag and my heart broke. LOL So you can imagine my excitement when I saw it on sale.

Cyzarine Neckalce - Blue/Aqua
Retail: $48  Paid: $9.56
        Stone Detailed Close-up                   Lobster Claw Clasp
Chain Length w/ extender: 13''
Width: 7"
Love the blue tones of this piece. So simple but yet so regal. (If that makes any sense, lol) With a bronze metallic finish, this piece doesn't overpower the blue stones, making it a versatile piece that can be done up with a fancy dress or worn with nice blue skinny jeans, a white tank and a variety of different color shoes.
Lottie Earrings - Blue/Aqua
Retail: $20  Paid: $4.78
Approx. 3.25" in length
These earrings match the necklace beautifully. But I do think that wearing them both together is a bit much (for me). I love the detailed cracking in the aqua stone.

Angia Hoop Earrings - Blue/Red Orange/Brown
Retail: $22  Paid: $4.78
Front/Side Views
Approx. 2" in length
1.5" in diameter
These are just too cute! Bronze metallic finished hoops covered by blue and red-orange beads and a underlay of brown intricate braiding are what caught my eye! And they go with my new clutch! ;)

Thanks Chico's! Time to tally up this haul!
Ikat Clutch original ($69) ~ Paid ($11.94)
Cyzarine Stone Necklace original ($48) ~ Paid ($9.56)
Lottie Blue Earrings original ($20) ~ Paid ($4.78)
Angia Hoop Earrings original ($22) ~ Paid ($4.78)
Total Paid= $31.06      
Saved= $127.94  (80% saved)

Did you get any goodies at Chico's?


  1. not sure why i dont get notified on my email! but anyway, I can't believe how well you did with your things! I love when i can save like favorite is probably the clutch and statement necklace. I've been getting into that myself.

  2. I don't know how notifications works with Twitter.. but if you also follow with any of your email accounts, I know you should receive email notifications.

    And thanks! Those are my fave pieces also!!


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