Friday, April 8, 2011

CVS Haul-> New Loves

A few weeks back I went to CVS for a small haul and since then I've found some new true loves.. I decided to pick up Clean & Clear's Body washes in "Pomegranate & Orange Zest" and in "Wildberry & Guava." I don't usually use body washes when showering and just rely on body soap but since they were free, I was definitely trying them! 

C&C Body Wash original ($6.29) ~ on sale ($2.99) - $1 mfr coupon - $1 ECB = FREE
C&C Body Wash original ($6.29) ~ on sale ($2.99) - $1 mfr coupon - $1 ECB = FREE

Let's just say that after using the C&C Pomegranate & Orange Zest Body wash for a week, I'm hooked!! They both smell A-MA-ZING, better than anything I've smelled before (as far as products go). After showering with this, I feel so refreshed! I guess that's why it's called morning burst body wash. Hehe..

C&C Body Pomegranate & Orange Zest--Wildberry & Guava
I also picked up a twin pack of Renu Mulit-purpose Solution, a twin pack of toothpicks, and a Renuzit Renew Pearls for my room. I've been using Renu since I first began wearing prescription contacts 13 years ago. Final cost for the entire pack was $.99 and that's a huge deal if you are a longer time contact wearer. I picked up the toothpicks because we needed some in the house and they were cheap. I have never tried the Renuzit Pearls before but I'm liking them so far because they leave my room smelling fresh. The next scent I want to pick up is "After the Rain." In my opinion it smells better than "Fresh Lavender."

Renu original ($16.79) ~ on sale ($12.99) - $5 mfr coupon - $4 ECB - $3 ECB= $.99
Twin Pack Toothpicks original ($1) ~ 50% off sale = $.49
Renuzit Renew Pearls original ($4.39) ~ on sale ($2.50) - $1 mfr coupon = $1.50

Total w/ tax= $3.47  Saved= $31.78
Renu Solution Twin Pack--Renuzit Renew Pearls--Toothpicks Twin Pack
Renuzit Renew Pearls (Fresh Lavender)
Are you taking advantage of any deals?

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