Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh Yes I Did! Zigi Soho Kelis + Photos

So if you saw my first blog post you saw that I got the Zigi Soho Kelis pumps in black for a mere $1.04. Wellllllllll.. I got them in tan also.. =x

When I bought the black ones I was debating on which color I would get and I was dying for the tan ones but decided to be more practical and go with a color that won't get destroyed as easily, hence the black ones. But, I did tell my as equally shopaholic cousin that if one day I have the opportunity to get the tan ones for the same price then I would get them. On a day that she needed to make a return at DSW I decided to browse the store with no intention of buying anything although I did have a DSW coupon and a bunch of gift cards I received from Frenzies..

They were no longer up on display, they must have been sold out quickly and why wouldn't they?! They're gorgeous! As I looked through the small section of 6-6.5 sizes on clearance I had one of those (Ahhhhhhh bright-shining light) moments.. What was there, you ask? The Zigi Soho Kelis in tan AND IN MY SIZE! You had to see how quick I grabbed them before anyone else did.. LOL As I looked for my cousin I thought "Man, she's gonna be pissed at my luck.." Oh, yes she was.. hehe And here I present you my new babies...

Zigi Soho Kelis (Tan)

Natural Sunlight
Natural Sunlight + Indoor Light
Natural Sunlight + Indoor Light
In order to use the coupon I had with me I had to add a few bucks to my purchase, so I got a water proofer for my suede pumps and sure steps for heels that have slippery bottoms.
Zigi Soho Kelis - Water Proofer Spray - Sure Steps
Zigi Shoes original ($59.95) ~ 30% off sale ($17.99) - $20 off $49 coupon ($16.50) = $25.46
Water Proofer Spray ($4.95) - $20 off $49 coupon ($1.95) = $3.00
Sure Steps ($3.95) - $20 off $49 coupon ($1.55) = $2.40

Total w/tax = $32.45 - $30 worth of gift cards = $2.45
Saved = $77.04

I can't stress enough, how much I heart DSW..

Do you own any Zigi Soho's?

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