Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LOFT: Marbled Drops Bib Necklace

The same day that I had my Chico's haul I had about 5 minutes to stop into LOFT.. (they were closing).. there was a sale going on and they were offering an additional 40% off sale items.. I didn't get to check out the clothes on sale =(  but I did check out the jewelry since it was the closest to the register ;) and I found this cute marbled bib necklace.. for what I think is a pretty good price considering it's from LOFT..

LOFT Marbled Drops Bib Necklace
Retail: $39.50 Paid: $8.99
I really like the layering of the stones as well as the color tones. This necklace is such a delicate looking piece that would be perfect in spicing up any plain work outfit. The metal finish is more of a bronze finish (the pic came out as a gold finish). The rope finish is soft to the touch and allows this piece to be versatile for any type of outfit.

Close-up of stones
Chain Extension w/ Lobster Claw Clasp
Chain Length w/ Extender: Approx. 12.5"
Max. Width: Approx. 7.5"

Original Cost ($39.50) ~ Sale Price ($14.99) - 40% off ($6.00)
Total Cost w/ tax = 9.38
Saved = $30.51

What do you think of this piece? Leave a comment below..

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