Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another mark. Sale!!

Ladies, there's another great mark. sale happening right now! My fave mark. rep Urmarkgirl is hosting this sale on her Facebook page. All items are $2 - $3 or $5!! How awesome is that? And she has great products for the price! Here are a few:
Tasseltastic (Olive Green/Cream) - $5 

Lemon Sugar Gift Set - $5
Juice Gems - $2
Super Flip For It - $5
You have plenty of time to get your goodies since the sale ends at the end of this week. To check out these and other items on sale, click here!! Payment is done with credit card or paypal. Rest assure that you will be taken care of by Kristy, I've ordered all my mark. goodies from her in the past. I will be sharing a post with you soon on the lovely gifts she sent me. Please let her know I sent you.. I would love to see if people are taking advantage of these opportunities that I post :)


  1. wow that bag is $5?!?! I kind of really like that white one... gonna go check it out now :D

  2. I loved your blog, I am follow you, follow me please?

  3. @Pop Champagne - I'm planning on getting that one too.. and maybe the super flip for it. I got a chance to play with it this past weekend since my cousin owns it and it's a good size for the cheap price. The eyeshadows are pretty nice.

    @Tata-Nadaver - Thanks for following me hun! I will def return the love <3


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