Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Geek In Me: New Eyeglasses O-O

I finally got my new glasses about a month ago and I absolutely love them. I had to get a new pair because my Dolce & Gabbana rimless ones broke on me and I needed a new prescription.. I have horrible eyesight!
Calvin Klein 7763

This time around I decided to go with plastic geek chic Calvin Klein frames. I tried them on at a optical store and really liked them but was not so in love with the price haha. Especially not after spending $800 on my D&G's just to have them keep breaking on me. Luckily, my sweety knew someone who could hook me up with these frames for the price the optician gets it for. Thank God!

These are the CK7763 prescription frames. My prescription is strong and I like that these frames don't make my lenses look as thick as my previous frames. Although the lenses were thinned out but so were my previous ones and they still were a bit thick.

These babies come in a variety of different colors but I went with the Havana color because it has both light and dark brown throughout the frame. There's an added sophistication to them on half of the temples where the Calvin Klein logo is engraved into shiny silver metal.
Temple Close-up


I love that they are geek but not to the extreme. They are also very lightweight and the brown compliments my hair color very well, compared to black frames.
CK 7763 w/ hair up
CK 7763 w/ hair down

Tommy Hilfiger ad from Glamour Mag

What do you think of the geek chic look?


  1. Hello very nice frame, can you telle me if it's size 51 or 53 please ?

    Thank you

  2. Thanks, they are size 51 - 17 - 140 to be exact :)

  3. Those frames look good on you. What happened to your previous eyeglasses? I mean, how did it get broken? You should at least keep it as a remembrance. You probably already have had a few pairs before. Do you count them?

    1. Thanks! My old glasses kept breaking at the screws attached to the lenses, they were rimless. Idk if it's because they applied the screws too tight and that caused the glass to eventually split. All I know is that it was ANNOYING!

  4. Your new glasses reminds me of my cousin who happens to have one that looks exactly like yours. That aside, the fact that you got those is really nice.

  5. I think your new eyeglass suits you just fine and it framed your face perfectly! Remind me to get the same frame for myself! I also had horrible eyesight at an early age, so I’m akin to wearing one for a long time now. But every now and then, I try to change the frame just to experiment a little. But I have permanent glasses that I use on a regular basis.

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