Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Pinks & Tips

Base Color: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro - Pink Bliss
Plate: BM-214
Stamp Color: NYC Long Wearing - pink Promenade Creme
Tips: e.l.f. - Black
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Flawless
I know I've been absent in posting my Pink Wednesday manicures but today I'm making it up to you guys. For this mani I used a light fair pink as my base and topped it off with a bright pink stamping design and added black tips by using scotch tape for a little more POW factor. Hope you like it and please excuse the messed up tip line on my pointer finger.. oops!

Pink Bliss is a sheer fair pink. It is a buildable polish, here I applied 3 coats to achieve the opacity.
Pink Promenade Creme is a bright hot pink creme polish. It looks a bit red on my nails because of the light pink under it.

Natural Light 

Natural Light
Close up

 What are your wearing for Pink Wednesday?


  1. @ Tiffany - Thanks, I try lol :)

  2. I agree with Tiffany.
    is the stamping design a sticker?
    I wish I could do this on my own nails

  3. @Hunter87 - Thanks hun! It's actually just like a stamp but you use polish instead of ink -- like konad! But here I used my bundle monster plates which are the same quality but much cheaper!

  4. Nice!!! Can you tell me where I can get those?


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