Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Revlon Sweet Tart + Winnie the Pooh

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Hello lovely people! If you're keeping track you might have noticed that I've missed the last 2 Pink Wednesdays.. "/ Sorry!!

Outdoor Sunlight

Base Coat: Sally Hansen Strengthener - Natural
Base Color: Revlon - Sweet Tart
Nail Art: Kiss Custom Design Winnie the Pooh Water Decals
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Flawless
Outdoor Sunlight

Today I have a very cute pink polish on! Revlon "Sweet Tart." Sweet Tart is an adorable bright Barbie pink creme polish. And as if the color alone wasn't cute enough I decided to add Winnie The Pooh Kiss water decals on my ring fingers and thumbs. I've had the decals for yearsss.. I think I got them at Walgreens, I'm not too sure.

Indoor w/ Flash
2 Coats: Revlon - Sweet Tart

A few of my nails started to bubble but I don't think it's from the Revlon polish. It might be the top coat I applied over it. (It's almost finished and had gotten a bit thick) I hate it when this happens and would normally remove all my polish but I'm just too lazy and I didn't get to do my own nails this past weekend during our sleepover.
Outdoor Sunlight
Eeyore Close-up
Outdoor Sunlight
Piglet Close-up
Outdoor Sunlight
Butterflies & Firefly Close-up
Pooh & Piglet Close-up

What are you rocking for Pink Wednesday?


  1. love love love it! so cute! the pink is what ive been looking for!

  2. @Cathy - Thanks cuz!

    @Hermetic - It is very pretty but for some reason it uploads to blogger lighter than it really is.. it's a much brighter pink, still cute though :)

    Thanks for following!

  3. I love your blog :D
    I am following you! Take a look at my blog and, if you want, follow me too :D



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